About the Book
This book is an exchange of letters. A young
woman decides that instead of going straight
from high school to college, she’ll take time 
off to travel in Europe. She writes to an older 
woman whom she’s never met but who was 
once in a relationship with her father. 
Two love stories take place, one in the 2016-17 
and one over thirty years earlier.

Praise for the Book
“Reading this story has been an adventure filled with history, art, and a good bit of fun! Combining so much world and art history with an interesting story isn’t easy to do, and Barkman did a great job combining the two in a natural, easy-to-read way.
~Natalie Schriefer
“Letters is an fascinating story. I am so impressed with the depth of Barkman's imagination and how  she makes her characters and places come to life. I felt wrapped up in the worlds of the letter writers”  ~Yelizaveta P. Renfro

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